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Frequently Asked Questions

Your frequent Questions?? WE have Answers!

Do you truly provide unlimited advice to your clients, without charging extra?

Why should I change my accountant? And how!

Efficiency, quality of service and timely completion of returns are prime pillars in which any individual or business wishes for from an accountant. We endeavour reply on customer calls within 15 minutes timeline and answers to your accounting query are handled by experts on real time. We often use TeamViewer to make you understand the solutions we recommend on real time.
Changing accountant is fairly simple. If you are ready to authorise Fox Accountancy to be your agent we can discuss with you and your existing accountant for a smooth transition.

Will all my accounts be prepared by an experienced accountant?

Yes, our fully trained accountants ensure you are always getting the best possible level of advice.
We take our professional accountancy responsibilities very seriously and get immense satisfaction when you smile and thank us for prompt service.

What if I want to meet my account manager in person?

Whether you have signed up with us or not our friendly team will make sure all your concerns are answered, without any charges.

Do you provide clients with business advice?

Yes, we can provide advice on any matter what a traditional accountant provides , but with options ( pros and cons). Once we discuss the problem and arrive together with you with a professional solution – the cost associated with implementation is agreed upfront prior to the commencement of the work.

How long will you take to process my accounts?

Usually 30 days or less, if you or your accountant is  using a spreadsheet or accounting system software.

What advantage can I avail from your Partners?

Benefits are huge. Our preferred partners not only provide you with a trusted –outstanding- express service but price discounts in Insurance, Finance, Mortgage, Security Monitoring, mobile connection, power… List goes on and on.

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